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You Can Have A Drug-Free Workplace

Drug Free WorkplaceIs it really surprising that the United States is responsible for use of sixty percent (60%) of the world’s supply of illicit drugs? Yes! It is.  It’s even more surprising that 77% of those using illicit drugs are employed.  So where does that leave you and how do you prevent it?

As an employer you suffer in many ways if your employees are using drugs or alcohol, on or off the job.  If your employees are under the influence, it is likely that productivity will go down and injuries will increase.  It is plausible that these employees will cause more product defects, miss deadlines, have incomplete projects, or have inaccurate work. Having employees under the influence of either drugs or alcohol will cause a loss in revenue and an increase in medical claims and workers’ compensation payouts.  As a business owner or manager you are well aware of the impact of increased claims on your workers’ compensation, premiums rise significantly.

You, the employer, can take a stance and fight against employee drug and alcohol use in your workplace by pre-employment drug testing and randomly testing throughout employment.  It is also important that you implement a company-wide anti-drug abuse policy, along with comprehensive employee drug abuse education and drug awareness programs.

Missouri OnSite Testing makes it easy and cost effective to implement a drug and alcohol policy for your business.  They come directly to your business to perform the drug and/or alcohol test for your pre-employments and random test.  Minimizing the loss of employee productivity time and the likelihood of a cheat. Missouri OnSite Testing can administer both DOT and non-DOT drug test, as well as provide a company policy and procedures manual.