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Workplace, Culture, and Why Companies Test…

How to cheat on a drug test is Google searched over 10,000 times per day. Marijuana is becoming more and more popular. It is even legal to purchase in some states. Some examples of how to cheat can be found on a number of websites. Marijuana users will attempt to alter the specimen or their bodies with drug masking chemical and pills. One cheat is having a friend who is drug free urinate into a non-lubricated condom or balloon on their way to the testing facility, then place the condom on the dash over the defroster to keep it warm. Another option is test subjects will try drinking large amount of water in an attempt to dilute the sample, if you are successful in diluting the sample they will be call back again to retest, giving them more time to manipulate the sample.

Lab technology has come a long way and have many new ways to detect a sample that has been tampered with, the best way to eliminate cheating in an onsite drug and alcohol testing company like Missouri Onsite Testing, LLC. Onsite sample collection is the best way to stop cheating in your drug and alcohol testing program.

Some advantages to an onsite testing program are onsite testing does not allow the employee to drive to a friend’s house to obtain a clean sample, allow employees an opportunity to dilute the sample, or stall for time to allow drugs or alcohol to naturally leave their body. Another benefit of using Missouri Onsite Testing, LLC is we make your random onsite drug testing is random. By allowing Missouri Onsite Testing drug testing technicians to select dates, times, and employees you insure that testing is indeed random and a surprise.

Cheating on drug and alcohol tests is very difficult; however determined employees will find a way to manipulate test results. Implementing an onsite testing program ensures accurate results and up-to-date records, by testing employees immediately, without an opportunity to acquire drug free samples or wait for drugs and alcohol to naturally leave the body.

Some additional benefits to onsite testing are financial. You save money on paying for employees to travel to an off-site testing facility. There are hard costs as well as soft costs to a drug and alcohol testing program.  Employers typically pay a minimum of 2 hours of pay to an employee who is sent for a drug or alcohol test whether it is random or accident related. If you are sending an employee for an alcohol related test now you have a second employee or manager that must transport the employee to a testing facility. After paying your employee and a co-worker or manager to drive to the testing facility you company is losing a minimum of 2 hours of productivity.

When you implement a drug and alcohol testing program you give your employees a reason and incentive to stay clean and sober. Employees who use drugs are one-third less productive due to drug abuse. Participating in a program shows your employees you are dedicated to their safety, workers abusing drugs or alcohol present a clear and present danger to themselves, co-workers, and members of the public. Drug users are also more likely to injure themselves on the job and four times more likely to incur medical expenses then the average drug free employee.

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