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Why should parents drug test their teenagers?

They are many schools of thought when it comes to drug testing your children. There is no right or wrong answer but here at Missouri Onsite Testing we believe in “trust but verify.” According to a study at the University of Michigan, by the 12th grade about half of the students surveyed had abused an illicit drug. The study showed that the main factors that kept children drug free are a strong connection with parents, family members, school, and religion.

The number one reason students cited for starting or abusing drugs or alcohol is peer pressure. Peer pressure is a powerful force for children and adults. Your teenager wants to be liked and accepted. This desire can make it very difficult for them to say no. They find it easier to say yes than to go through the humiliation and teasing of saying no. This is where as a parent you can give them an out. A random drug test gives you peace of mind, and them an excuse. When their friends ask them to try drug or alcohol they can respond, “I can’t my parents random drug test me.


Teens use drugs and alcohol for all kinds of reasons. Some are innocent and others are more calculated, but no teen plans to get addicted. The best thing, as a parent, you can do is talk to your teen regularly about the dangers of drugs and alcohol so that they are aware of what can happen. Talk to your teen in an honest, open-minded manner. If you feel that your teen is already using drugs or alcohol, don’t hesitate to seek help.

A quick drug test at Missouri Onsite Testing can prove your child’s innocence or confirm a suspicion you have as a parent allowing you to seek the help your child needs. If your child tests positive for drugs we can refer you to local counseling centers that specialize in teen drug abuse.

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