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DOT Truck Inspection Tips

Tips to Prepare for a DOT Inspection

Save yourself time and money from fines or being out of service by always being prepared for a DOT inspection.  Missouri Onsite Testing can assist you with records retention, policy reviews and company-wide screenings for drugs and alcohol.

DOT Inspection Preparation Tips:

Drivers can learn the dangers of driving defective vehicles and how to detect and report problems for repairs well before a bigger issue arises. One of the best ways to do this is to perform a simple walk-around inspection before and after every trip the vehicle makes, including:

  • Checking the tires

Even though tires rarely blow out, they do tend to deflate slowly until the vehicle can no longer be driven. Check each tire for air and use a digital tire pressure gauge to check out tires that seem deflated. Also be sure to know the rules and regulations in your state about mudflaps. Some states provide specific requirements for mudflaps/splashguards on the rear of the vehicle (to keep spray and debris tossed up by the tires from hitting the windshields of following traffic).

  • Testing the lights

Malfunctioning lights, bulbs and electric signals can be a safety hazard. Be sure to check not only the break lights, but also the headlights, high beams and low beams by turning on the engine and switching each one on systematically.

  • Looking for cracks

Any cracks in the windows (even small, tiny chips) can quickly become much worse if they aren’t addressed right away. Be sure to regularly check for hairline cracks and “stars” caused by flying gravel.

To ensure that drivers are passing inspections with flying colors, it’s important to know what the inspection criteria includes and how to be proactive about maintaining a safe CMV.


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