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Employee Drug Testing

I Wish My Company Did Random Drug & Alcohol Tests

Below is an article from one of our customers.  She wishes to rename anonymous to protect the privacy of anyone mentioned in the article below.  This is her story and why she urges businesses to use Missouri Onsite Testing.

I spent several years as an executive with a nonprofit.  One of the functions of my job was to operate a gift shop.  All employees, no matter at what level, were drug tested prior to beginning employment… but that was all.  No random screenings or threat of that even.  This really never seemed like a problem… until there was that one employee.

Gift shop employees were all part-time and often retired, just looking for a little something to keep them busy.  I hired a retired gentleman who was very personable and very reliable.  I called him one day to cover a shift last minute, and he said he couldn’t because he’d been out with some buddies and wasn’t in any shape to work.  I didn’t think a whole lot about it, after all it was his day off… or so I told myself.  Other employees started to make comments to me that they thought he might have a problem with alcohol.  I didn’t really know what to do.  He didn’t give any signs that he was drinking on the job, or drunk or even buzzed while working.

A few weeks later, the unthinkable happened.  He came to work, and in his water bottle… well, it wasn’t water.  About halfway through his shift I got THE call.  “Can you leave your meeting?  The employee in the gift shop is drunk and you need to fire him.”  I nearly choked… what did you say… he’s DRUNK?

Myself and our HR representative drove him to a testing clinic where they performed a breathalyzer test.  He made many excuses, but those were no longer necessary.  He was drunk, from drinking on the job.  I felt so bad for this man.  He obviously had a problem, but as the boss I only had one choice.  He was given lots of information of how to get help, but I don’t know if he listened to it or ever sought that help.

Thinking back on this unfortunate situation, I wish my company had done regular, random screenings.  I believe the simple threat of that would have stopped this situation from ever happening.  Had we worked with a testing company like Missouri Onsite Testing, not only would we have avoided embarrassment for the organization and our employee, but it would have been much more convenient then the crisis of an employee drunk on the job.